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Are Chatbots and Conversational UI a paradigm shift in UX? -- Matt Chalawsky, Los Angeles, California

Matt Chalawsky -- Are Chatbots and Conversational UI a paradigm shift in UX?  It's been over a year since Facebook announced it's Messenger bot initiative.  As with most new technologies, there's a lot of excited at first, but eventually the technology will either prove to be a better user experience or not. There's some evidence that  Chatbots are gaining traction.   This is actually surprising since most chatbots are still fairly unsophisticated and struggle to provide more than a scripted response. Natural language processing (NLP) has been making huge gains in recent years.  NLP allows chatbots to understand the intent of a statement.  This is a very difficult problem given that the English language allows so many ways to say the same thing.  Luckily for chatbot developers, there are a growing number of NLP tools (i.e. , Microsoft LUIS , IBM Watson )  that solves the most daunting aspects of the problem. Mobile is the key driver of chatbots today sin